Sunday, March 5, 2017

Welcome Back!

After a two year absence, I am once again living in Nashville and working at the Demonstration Garden!  While many things have changed here, one thing is still the same; this is an amazing garden to visit!  These are some photos from a recent work day and I encourage you to visit this page often to see what is happening in the garden!

Chives, the seeds are so fertile that they pop up everywhere and so do the weeds!  This is some speedwell in the herb garden and of course, some chive seedlings.

Daffodils are a sure sign of spring, let's hope it comes quickly.

Hyacinths are so fragrant that you can almost smell them before you spot the blooms!

Over in the shade beds, the Solomon's Seal is thinking it is spring as well.

The Hellebores are in full bloom.

Things are starting to wake up and follow the Daffodil's lead down in the perennial garden.

How can you not love a plant that seems to glow?  Bloody Dock is one of my favorite foliage plants.  When the light shines through it, it glows.  This is proof that you do not need just flowers to add a pop of color to your garden!

The cabbages in the vegetable garden are heading now and before we know it, we will be picking them!  

In the vegetable garden, we also have asparagus.  Ever wonder how they grow white asparagus?  The stalks are blanched by keeping them covered and if you look closely at the tip of this one, you can see it is white.  It grew up with a cluster of leaves and debris on the tip like an umbrella and blanched itself white.  However, as soon as I uncovered it, the plant began the process of greening itself.

And just for fun, some ornamental kale, because everyone needs a hint of color...